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A Stitch in Time

A Stitch in Time
An accident in the butchers shop leads Norman Pitkin and Mr Grimsdale to the hospital where, after causing the normal ammount of chaos, Pitkin finds Lindy, a little girl who hasn't spoken or smiled since her parents were killed in an aeroplane accident. Pitkin decides to help.


John Chard
Pitkin Pandemonium at St. Godrics. A Stitch in Time is directed by Robert Asher and collectively written by Jack Davies, Norman Wisdom, Henry Blyth and Eddie Leslie. It stars Norman Wisdom, Edward Chapman, Jeanette Sterke and Jerry Desmonde. Music is by Philip Green and cinematography by Jack Asher. Although not prime Wisdom, A Stitch in Time holds the secrets as to what made the diminutive star so popular. Obviously his style of slapstick and malarkey for laughs isn't for everyone, but Wisdom's career blossomed because the feel good factor in his movies was always so high. While there was nearly always a sweet thread in his movies, where the harsh critics would cite schmaltz or sappiness, others rightly point to the honest escapism factor, a chance to forget the world and its troubles for a brief moment in time. A Stitch in Time sees Wisdom as Norman Pitkin, the young assistant to Mr. Grimsdale (Chapman) at the town butchers. When Grimsdale is hospitalised, Pitkin is determined to help wherever possible, which unfortunately means chaos will follow. This set-up allows Wisdom to indulge in a number of high spirited sequences involving motorised beds, teeth extractions, stretcher bearing, ambulance surfing, marching band chaos and even dressing up in drag. The "tender" sub-plot involves an orphan girl who after losing her parents in a plane crash, refuses to talk or smile, but Norman is on that case with the message being the innocence of unprejudiced kindness. That's that, really, all wrapped up in just under an hour and half of film. Harmless and innocent fun for those who want to escape their blues. 7.5/10

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