Luce 2019

A star athlete and top student, Luce's idealized image is challenged by one of his teachers when his unsettling views on political violence come to light, putting a strain on family bonds while igniting intense debates on race and identity.

Come into the Light 2005

A priest (Zingaretti - Inspector Montalbano) attends his new parish only to find the church empty, the locals uninterested and their children rude and abusive. He very gently sets about winning over first the children by providing them with a place to play and learn and then works on their parents. The church slowly becomes the focal point of the community and rapidly ends up full with standing room only. But...

First Light 2015

Marco, a cynical and ambitious young lawyer, lives in Bari with his partner Martina and their eight-year-old son Mateo. Martina had left Chile and moved to Italy when she met Marco. Their relationship has run its course, however, and Martina longs to go back to her country with Mateo, but Marco, the loving father left out of the equation, is adamantly against the idea. The couple clash for weeks on end, until Martina abruptly leaves the country with their son, goes back to Chile and virtually vanishes. With no news of Mateo, time seems to stand still for Marco. Anguished and unable to cope, he finally rallies and sets off in search of his son.

Reflections of Light 1988

After a car incident, in which he lost his wife, a musician remains paralytic on a wheelchair. He retires in a lonely villa. Incidentally together with him in the villa there are also a bisexual, a lesbian and a vicious kid. The lascivious atmosphere drive all the protagonists into depraved games. But the pain for the lost couldn't be medicated.

Temple of a Thousand Lights 1965

Richard Harrison stars as Alan Foster, a notorious bank robber from NYC hiding out in India. He get the bright idea to steal the "Mountain of Light," a large diamond encased in the forehead of a 20 foot religious Buddha. This is an adequate adventure that is notable for Harrison's extremely harsh words he throws at his Indian helper and the scenes where Harrison dons make up to blend it flawlessly with the Indians.

Light of My Eyes 2001

Antonio is a fallen angel, a rootless chauffeur in Rome, who relates only to the lonely heroes in the pulp fiction novels he grew up with. Only through a change encounter with Maria, a woman struggling to hold onto her daughter and her business, does he discover a hope that's been in his detached existence.

Luce nell'ombra 2006

Alessandro is a young southern Italian boy belonging to a clan of the infamous criminal organization 'Camorra'. Within a few days, his life changes completely: his best friend, after a wild motorcycle ride to escape the police after an attempted grand theft, dies. Alessandro learns the tragic news directly from the boss of his clan who, at the same time, puts him under loyalty test: Alessandro must kill the boss of the rival clan in order to gain final control of the territory. Alessandro is puzzled. In this situation, can a casual meeting with a priest of the same 'neighborhood' spare the life of this young man from a life of criminality and despair?

O somma luce 2011

A man reading a poem by Dante and a beautiful landscape.

Demon's Twilight 2010

A group of college students decide to make a documentary on the psychological causes which lead to an apparent demonic possession. Since they can not find a real case to show, they decide to include in the project a young girl with a perfect profile to play this role, but remain trapped in a dangerous game with unexpected events.

In/Contro/Luce 1976

A transition from total black to total white, dark to the light. The transformation of the image/trace/matter happens through an intrusion of light (gradual opening of the diaphragm), and a change of speed, space/depth. The light takes form due to the image/filter/occasion.

De Luce 1: Vegetare 2009

This work delves deeply into experiments similar to the filmmaker's parallel work in color photography. In this film, Janis Lipzin blends her enduring interest in nature's volatile events with her sympathy with film's unpredictable response to light. She made a conscious decision to begin with film based on that medium's unduplicable and capricious reaction to photo-chemical stimuli. She used darkroom processes to produce outcomes that allude to (but don't truly describe) color in the natural world. Lipzin then interweaved the results with the more controllable properties of digital technology. By using both digital and analog tools, she was able to achieve results unattainable by either medium alone. The filmmaker's methods allow her to avoid many conventional industrial processes and vastly expand the boundaries of common color palettes.

Intimate Crimes 1996

Paul wants to eliminate Claudia to live with Valeria. It's so frightening his wife paid by an individual in order to then put them next to a bodyguard who is none other than the killer who would kill her. Enterprise fails because the man falls in love with Claudia and warns

De Luce 2: Architectura 2013

Light & photo-chemistry collide and conspire against 12 different architectural backdrops suspending and dissolving celluloid matter into a luminosity reminiscent of Mark Rothko’s radiant field paintings. De Luce 2: Architectura is the second film in the artist’s “De Luce” (On Light) series that was inspired by this medieval text: “In the beginning of time, light drew out matter, along with itself, into a mass as great as the fabric of the world.” – Robert Grosseteste (1170-1253)

Crossing Paths with Luce Vigo 2010

A portrait of Luce Vigo, film critic, educator, and the daughter of pivotal French filmmaker Jean Vigo. Commissioned by the Spanish documentary festival, Punto de Vista, the film incorporates Luce's memories of her extraordinary life, reflections on her father, and images of Northern Spain. -VDB


Lucecita is a Venezuelan telenovela starred by Marina Baura, José Bardina, Esperanza Magaz and Ivonne Attas. It was produced and broadcast on Venevisión for about a year and a half, spanning 1967–1968. The original story, written by Delia Fiallo, has inspired several variations and adaptations through the years, most of them by Fiallo, both for television and cinema. In 1972, Venevisión aired its own remake.

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